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Our areas of Life Sciences expertise

Through an expansive network, referrals, and multiple search tactics, GQR can secure high-caliber candidates across a range of therapeutic areas and technology platforms.


For our Biotech clients, navigating the fiercely competitive market requires a deep understanding of both the technical nuances of the science and the diverse candidate pool necessary to cultivate innovative cultures.

We offer advisory and talent solutions tailored for every growth stage on the drug development lifecycle — from leadership formation and discovery to commercial readiness and launch. Our track record and partnerships speak to our passion for driving innovation in this critical sector.


GQR's commitment to the pharmaceutical sector encompasses a broad spectrum of organizations, from dynamic startups breaking new ground in drug development, to boutique firms specializing in niche therapeutics, and onto multinational corporations leading large-scale, innovative projects.

Our strategic talent solutions are carefully tailored to support the distinct needs of each client type, leveraging our in-depth industry insights to deliver talent and facilitate growth and innovation at every stage.

Device & Diagnostics

Our team of experts specializes in the unique ecosystem of the diagnostics and device industry, a realm defined by the intricate blend of biotechnology, mechanical engineering, and digital innovation.

We partner with a diverse range of entities, from agile startups introducing disruptive technologies to key industry players scaling up production, aiming to connect them with individuals whose expertise propels the industry forward.

MedTech & Digital Health

In the rapidly evolving intersection of technology and life sciences, GQR specializes in bridging the gap with agile talent solutions that marry the cutting edge of both sectors.

We recognize the competitive landscape of MedTech and Digital Health, where the fusion of tech innovation and life sciences expertise is crucial for driving progress and transforming patient care.

Our strategic focus is on connecting firms with professionals who excel in digital transformation and product innovation, as well as those who bring a rich understanding of the life sciences domain.

Contract Organizations

GQR crafts specialized talent strategies for the varied landscape of contract organizations, encompassing both the expansive operations of CROs and CDMOs as well as the focused agility of smaller contract firms.

Our nuanced understanding of the sector's demands allows us to connect these organizations with professionals who bring a balanced mix of technical prowess and industry insights.


Recognizing the diverse and evolving needs of your consultancy client base, we specialize in sourcing a spectrum of experts whose versatility and expertise mirror the dynamism of your clients.

Our commitment is to ensure that your team is bolstered with professionals who bring innovative thinking and strategic insight, driving your projects and client relationships forward with precision and adaptability.

Specialty volume build experience areas

  • Bench & lab scale-up
  • Manufacturing
  • Clinical operations
  • Medical field
  • Commercial
  • System implementation


    Builds in combined experience.


    Vacancies filled by our team of experts.


    Screened and qualified professionals.


    Years of Biopharma talent experience.

Our Life Sciences total talent solutions

We have the flexibility and agility to diagnose, design, and deliver customized people solutions to support our partners as they grow.

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Workforce Solutions

Ignite your talent strategy: Integrated MSP, VMS, and RPO solutions, powered by expertise and innovative technology.

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Contract Staffing

Customized and flexible staffing solutions, expertly crafted to meet the demands of any initiative, project scale, or scope.

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Permanent Search

Tailored permanent search solutions. The leaders, teams, and expert hires you need for long-term, organizational success.

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Strategic Advisory

Organizational process, design, and strategy, leveraging market insights, and enhancing skills for workforce excellence.

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Software Offerings

​Maximize efficiency with our AI-powered software, reducing system overload and enhancing team performance.

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Senior Vice President, Recruitment and Talent Advisory Services

Jenny Favaro

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