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GQR's Role in Hiring for First FDA-Approved Recurrent Pericarditis Therapy

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GQR's Role in Hiring for First FDA-Approved Recurrent Pericarditis Therapy

A biopharmaceutical company in Greater Boston, MA, focused on discovering, acquiring, developing, and commercializing therapeutic medicines designed for patients suffering from debilitating immunological diseases with significant unmet medical needs.

They currently have FDA-approved and commercial availability of the first and only FDA-approved therapy for recurrent pericarditis in the US.


  1. Current talent acquisition did not have commercial recruitment expertise and already stretched delivering into other high-growth business areas.

  2. Relatively unknown brand in the market compounded by an exceptionally competitive talent demand.

  3. Narrow timeframes to scale commercial teams based on clinical/commercial milestones.


  1. Strategic advisory across the talent acquisition function; job description creation, functional hire areas, and timeframes to support the achievement of required clinical and commercial timelines.

  2. Dedicated GQR resources to support and manage all commercial executive and professional search, talent map, and provide competitive market intelligence - extending their internal team.

  3. Centralized process management with direct application support.


Milestone Accomplishment

Agility and velocity of delivery enabled the company to receive FDA approval of ARCALYST (rilonacept) - 8 months ahead of schedule.

Candidate Quality

Working with the biotech organization to strategically map out the local talent market, GQR was able to reduce the average time hiring managers spent to fill a position by 20% - freeing up much more time to work on critical commercial milestones.


GQR’s RPO model is customizable, offering bespoke recruitment solutions for the company's growth plans. As the organization changes and talent needs shift - GQR can adapt and scale to support those needs.



  • 92% Offer Acceptance Rate

  • $504k Projected Agency Savings

  • 47 Hires from February 2020-Present (Ongoing Project)

What Our Clients Say:

“The GQR team has been an integral part of our field sales team buildout. They readily and efficiently source candidates and have an in-depth understanding of our organizational culture and needs. The team can pivot quickly if our objectives change. It’s been a pleasure partnering with them!”  - Jackie, Senior Director of HR

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