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Our areas of Financial Services expertise.

Core Engineering​

At GQR, our expertise is focused on aligning highly skilled professionals with key technological advancements. We specialize in algorithmic execution development, front-office application development, performance optimization engineering, and innovative blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions.

Our approach ensures that we meet the strategic demands of our clients by providing expert talent that drives industry-leading performance and innovation. This synergy empowers our clients to lead and excel in the dynamic tech landscape.


We excel in linking exceptional talent with leading opportunities in systematic, proprietary, and front-office trading. Our areas of focus include roles for portfolio managers, quantitative researchers, analysts, and traders.

This strategic pairing empowers our clients to achieve prominence and drive innovation in the competitive trading sector.


We understand staying ahead means access to the best talent in Data Science. GQR supports financial firms by sourcing specialized data talent crucial for navigating complex asset classes.

Our recruitment efforts focus on a diverse range of data science profiles, including data analysts who interpret market trends, data engineers who build and maintain the infrastructure for data generation, and data scientists who develop sophisticated models to predict market movements.

Additionally, we place experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence who apply advanced algorithms to optimize trading strategies and financial forecasting. This comprehensive approach ensures our clients can effectively harness data to drive decision-making and gain a competitive edge in the market.


Our focus is on identifying and positioning professionals who specialize in developing and implementing mathematical models that drive investment strategies.

By connecting these experts with leading financial institutions, we enable our clients to optimize portfolios, manage risks, and enhance overall financial performance. This targeted approach ensures that our partners are equipped with top-tier talent to navigate the complexities of the global markets.


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