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Transforming Talent Solutions for Contract Organizations

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Transforming Talent Solutions for Contract Organizations

​Developing and manufacturing a new drug is an intense undertaking with many moving parts. At GQR, we specialize in crafting talent strategies tailored to the diverse landscape of contract organizations, ranging from the expansive operations of CROs and CDMOs to the focused agility of smaller contract firms. Whether it’s preclinical research, clinical research, review and approval, manufacturing, or commercialization, our team leverages deep industry expertise to support third-party vendors with the operational resources needed for sustained success.

Areas of Expertise

Our comprehensive expertise spans the entire drug development and manufacturing lifecycle:

  • Translational Research

  • Formulation Development and Tech Transfer

  • Regulatory and Medical Writing

  • Clinical Research & Site Selection

  • Clinical Trial Operations/Management

  • Biometrics & Biostatistics

  • Pharmacovigilance and Patient Safety

  • Medical Monitoring

  • Project Management

  • Quality Infrastructure & Auditing Services, Inspection Readiness

  • Validation: CSV, GMP, GCP, GLP

Proven Track Record

Our success stories demonstrate our ability to deliver top-tier talent solutions tailored to the specific needs of contract organizations:

Viral Vector Development and Manufacturing CDMO: We supported a CDMO specializing in viral vector development and manufacturing to expand their capabilities at their Boston site. This project involved making 25 hires across clinical and commercial manufacturing, including roles in molecular biology, viral vector process scale-up, analytical services, clinical manufacturing, and quality.


At GQR, we understand the critical role that skilled professionals play in the complex landscape of drug development and manufacturing. Our tailored talent strategies ensure that contract organizations have the right people in place to drive innovation, maintain compliance, and achieve operational excellence.

Partner with GQR to transform your talent acquisition strategy and support your mission of delivering innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.

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