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Transforming Talent Solutions for MedTech & Digital Health

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Transforming Talent Solutions for MedTech & Digital Health

​In the fast-paced world of digital transformation, where technology and product innovation are key, GQR recognizes the competitive edge that agile talent strategies provide. Specializing in the intersection of tech and life science, we connect MedTech and Digital Health firms with the technology and product experts crucial for navigating market dynamics and driving innovation. Our tailored approach understands the high-stakes nature of the industry, offering access to professionals who excel in rapid development cycles and digital innovation, ensuring your team is equipped to lead and transform patient care in the digital age.

Areas of Expertise

Our expertise spans a wide range of critical areas within MedTech and Digital Health:

  • Product Management

  • Web and Mobile App Development

  • Backend Engineering

  • Big Data, Machine Learning & AI

  • Product Design

  • Hardware Engineering – Electrical, Mechanical, and Sensor

  • Commercialization – Sales & Marketing

  • Clinical Development & Medical Affairs

  • Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance

  • Validation

Proven Track Record

Our success stories demonstrate our ability to deliver top-tier talent solutions tailored to the specific needs of MedTech and Digital Health companies:

  • Series C Wearables Startup: Retained to build out product and software leadership, facilitating a pivotal change in their product line.

  • Multinational Biotech Company: Worked with a large biotech firm to place four software management experts across mobile, cloud, web, and DevOps as they expanded their digital health function.

  • Series A Real World Evidence Startup: Placed four data engineers to form a mission-critical team for building their data pipeline and data analytics platform.

Recent Placements

We have successfully placed leadership and technical roles that are essential for driving innovation and growth in MedTech and Digital Health:

Leadership - Operations and Technical

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Chief Product Officer

  • Chief Medical Officer

  • Chief Revenue Officer

  • VP Engineering

  • VP Product

  • VP Clinical Affairs

  • VP Business Development/Sales

  • VP Marketing

  • VP AI/ML

  • Head of Regulatory

Technical Roles

  • iOS Engineer

  • Android Engineer

  • Frontend Engineer

  • Backend Engineer

  • Full-Stack Engineer

  • Product Manager

At GQR, we leverage our extensive networks and industry insights to connect MedTech and Digital Health firms with skilled professionals who can drive innovation and transform patient care. Whether you need product managers, software engineers, or data scientists, our talent solutions ensure you have the right people in place to achieve your strategic goals.

Partner with GQR to transform your talent acquisition strategy and advance your mission of improving patient care through innovative digital health solutions.

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