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The Power of Strategic Hiring in Clinical-Stage Immuno-Oncology

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The Power of Strategic Hiring in Clinical-Stage Immuno-Oncology

A clinical-stage immuno-oncology company was working on developing a novel class of T-cell engagers that unleash the natural power of T cells to fight cancer and other diseases. Their TriTac® (Tri-specific T cell Activating Construct) is designed for targeted penetration and destruction of solid tumors and hematologic malignancies, and engineered to bind in human serum albumin for improved therapeutic schedule and patient convenience.


  1. Current Talent Acquisition was retiring on short notice with no interim or long-term solution in place. GQR was onboarded as an interim solution to support the FTE hire in TA.

  2. Competitive talent market biotech hub.

  3. Minimal processes were established and minimal oversight after the resignation of the Head of HR.


  1. A dedicated GQR resource stepped in to run full talent acquisition activities.

  2. Centralize all process management, managed GQR candidates, candidates applying directly, and candidates through other agencies.

  3. Advisory around hiring plans - job descriptions, types of hires, levels, and timelines to ensure company milestones can be met.


Quick to Take Action

GQR was able to onboard within a one-week timeline and pick up directly where the old Talent Acquisition Contractor left off, ensuring a streamlined process for hiring managers and candidates.

Process Implementation

Given the changes within the HR department, GQR was able to put into place SOPs for more transparency around hiring to C-Suite and hiring managers.

Value and Cost

GQR’s model allowed Harpoon to hold on hiring an FTE solution in TA, as the company’s satisfaction with the results was high, and the overall cost was still less than an FTE compensation.


GQR was able to implement a quick solution to changes in personnel that would have greatly impacted the organization's hiring. The key to the solution was a seamless transition to ensure hiring brand consistency and quality, working with a sole recruitment supplier vs. relying on 4-5 agency partners.

  • 55% Diversity Hires

  • $150k Projected Agency Savings

  • 27 Hires from October 2021-July 2022 (ongoing project)


In conclusion, GQR's swift action and strategic guidance provided the organization with a seamless transition, efficient talent acquisition process, and cost-effective solution, ensuring uninterrupted progress towards company milestones.

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