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Meet the Team: Commercial Build Leadership in Life Sciences

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Meet the Team: Commercial Build Leadership in Life Sciences

In the quest to innovate and excel in the life sciences field, a company’s greatest asset is its team. GQR’s Life Sciences Commercial Build Leadership team is not just a group of individuals but a collective force driving the industry forward. Let’s introduce you to the masterminds turning recruitment into a science of its own, propelling companies and careers to new heights.

Laurel Glover, MBA: Synthesizing Experience with Empathy

With the acumen of a seasoned pharmaceutical sales professional, Laurel Glover brings an unparalleled depth of industry knowledge to her role as Associate Vice President and Commercial Field Co-Lead at GQR. Her hands-on experience affords her the empathy to understand the nuanced needs of both candidates and companies, ensuring the right talent finds its place where it can truly make a difference.

Chelsea O’Neal: Crafting Connections That Count

Chelsea O’Neal, Associate Vice President, and fellow Commercial Field Co-Lead, wields her expertise to act as a consultative partner, shaping the growth trajectories of Biotech & Pharmaceutical firms. Her passion for authentic connections shines through as she builds teams that not only share a vision but are equipped to enhance patient care across the globe.

Luke Salter: Steering Commercial Strategy with Foresight

As the Head of GQR’s Commercial Division, Luke Salter is the strategist behind numerous successful team formations. His proactive approach in advising life science companies through critical commercialization pivots has been invaluable, making him a sought-after leader for those looking to navigate the market’s complexities with confidence.

Amy Akillian: The Architect of Talent Strategies

Amy Akillian, our Executive Vice President of Global Solutions, brings a wealth of experience and a strategic eye to the table. Her ability to understand what 'great' looks like in the journey to a product launch is not just a skill, it's an art honed over two decades in the life sciences market, crafting and executing talent strategies for scaling organizations.

GQR’s Life Sciences Services: Where Expertise Meets Execution

At GQR, we pride ourselves on a comprehensive understanding of the life sciences market, a nuanced approach to recruitment, and a commitment to the growth of our clients. Our services span the full spectrum of talent strategy needs:

  • Strategic Workforce Planning:

    Aligning talent strategies with business objectives to ensure your team is ready for every phase of growth and challenge.

  • Customized Recruitment Solutions:

    From identifying industry leaders to building cohesive teams, we tailor our approach to fit your unique organizational culture and goals.

  • Market Access and Expansion Support:

    We navigate market complexities, helping you grow and scale with the right talent at the right time.

  • Commercial Team Building:

    Leveraging our network to assemble teams that not only meet the demands of today but are prepared to adapt to the innovations of tomorrow.

Our team’s dedication goes beyond placements—it’s about forging long-term partnerships that foster innovation and advance patient care. With GQR’s Life Sciences Commercial Build Leadership team, you’re not just hiring a recruiter; you’re gaining a partner who’s as invested in your success as you are.

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