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U.S. Based Immuno-Oncology Sales Force Deployment

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U.S. Based Immuno-Oncology Sales Force Deployment

Our partner, a global pharmaceutical entity with a presence in over 150 countries, is privately held and headquartered in the United States. Combining the strength of an established worldwide network with the agility of a biotech innovator, the company operates at the intersection of extensive industry reach and entrepreneurial spirit.

Challenges Faced:

  1. Internal Talent Capacity: The client's lean internal Talent team was confronted with a substantial and immediate increase in workload, coupled with limited experience in commercial builds.

  2. US Brand Presence: The company struggled with an underdeveloped candidate network, low brand visibility, and a lack of established positive sentiment.

  3. Budget Limitations: Internal compensation benchmarking constraints exerted pressure on salary and talent spending in the U.S. market.

Solutions Implemented:

  1. Permanent Search Services: Dynamic search services were provided alongside dedicated embedded support, adeptly adapting to the client's immediate and long-term staffing needs. This included executing a two-phase expansion efficiently.

  2. Strategic Talent Advisory: Tailored talent strategies, including embedded recruitment and advisory support, were delivered to align talent acquisition efforts with future business objectives. This involved enhancing the sales team's capabilities and refining brand messaging to prepare for competitive market engagement.

Outcomes Achieved:

  1. Sales Force Mobilization: All hires were completed two weeks ahead of schedule, ensuring the team was fully prepared for the launch. The average candidate engagement to start date lifecycle was reduced to under 90 days.

  2. Elevated Recruitment Strategy: Global vacancies were filled, contractor conversations managed effectively, and custom-built solutions were leveraged to provide "right-sized" talent tools across the organization.

Key Metrics:

    • 29 placements were made.

    • 97% offer acceptance rate.

    • 3:1 candidate submittal to offer ratio.

    • Achieved a 20% reduction below the total budget.

Client Testimonial:

"The GQR team felt like an extension of my team that I could trust to deliver on this key project. The work they did was instrumental to our successful launch date." - Talent Acquisition Lead


This case study demonstrates how strategic talent acquisition solutions, tailored to address specific challenges, can yield substantial improvements in recruitment efficiency, team readiness, and budget optimization for pharmaceutical entities operating in dynamic global markets.

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