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Why is GQR Right For You?

Our MSP solution combines an expert team with industry-leading technology to efficiently manage your contingent workforce, ensuring cost savings, compliance, and optimized operational performance tailored to your industry's specific needs.

Our MSP solution streamlines your hiring process, saving time and controlling costs. We concentrate on creating a seamless talent acquisition journey that maximizes efficiency and aligns with your financial objectives, ensuring every dollar spent on staffing delivers lasting value.

Built with industry experts, our dedicated delivery team is committed to your specific hiring needs, ensuring a transparent and efficient process. They prioritize speed, precision, and a seamless candidate experience, ensuring you get talent on demand and ahead of schedule.

By managing everything from one place, you get a clear view of how your business operates, what you're spending on staff, vendor performance, and the patterns in your hiring. This means you can make smart choices based on real data, guiding your organization toward its goals more transparently and effectively.

Through our Partnership with Workday® VNDLY, we offer one of the leading and most intuitive VMS platforms on the market. VNDLY uses automation and machine learning to empower your HR, finance, and procurement teams to optimize the agility and impact of your extended workforce.

Standardized bill rates result in convenient, centralized billing across all vendors, transparency regarding invoices, and effective management of contracted payments.

Powered by our global team of experts, GQR acts as an extension of your business, enhancing efficiency without replacing your people. Through centralized program management and a single point of contact, we streamline communication, increase accountability, and ensure a dedicated expert is focused on tailoring the program to meet your specific needs.


How we work within your industry.

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The GQR Difference.

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    We prioritize both Client and Candidate experience by operating as an extension of your business. Through data-driven market insights and expert consulting, we enhance our partners' talent brand.

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    Utilizing market expertise and proprietary technology, we pinpoint talent that aligns with your technical needs and cultural values. Rigorous screening and assessments guarantee seamless matches, supported by our impressive fill and retention rates.

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    We merge speed and precision in talent acquisition by utilizing advanced technology and deep expertise. GQR swiftly networks with top passive and active talent, ensuring a diverse pool and rapid access to the best candidates.

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    We prioritize sustained value by balancing price sensitivity with broader ROI. Our approach evaluates not just hiring costs, but also considers the long-term impact of quality hires, technology, and process improvements, ensuring comprehensive ROI.

Discover what our clients say.

​GQR has been very responsive. The quality of the staff they provided has been great and we’ve gotten everything we’ve asked for.


Resource Director

​Processes are easier and response is faster from GQR than other companies. I’ve gotten very good candidates - they’ve all extended, and they’re very smart.

Francine, Nurse Manager


​I continue to be impressed with GQR and their team. Having an understanding of our core business, as well as our values is important to me.


Senior Staffing Manager

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