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Our RPO capabilities.

Our RPO solutions streamline recruitment, reduce hiring costs, and ensure efficient and compliant talent acquisition. We ensure alignment with your organizational goals through scalable, customized strategies and leveraging deep market expertise for sustained competitive advantage.

With GQR, scalability is synonymous with personalized attention and unparalleled expertise, guaranteeing that every client, regardless of size and industry, benefits from our strategic approach to talent acquisition. We provide tailored recruitment as a service that grows in tandem with your organization, ensuring that at every stage of your growth, you have access to the talent you need.

On-Demand RPO: This model provides flexible, project-based recruitment support designed for clients needing timely assistance for sudden or short-term hiring needs. It is particularly useful for launching new products or entering new markets where scalability and agility in the recruitment process are required.

Function-Based RPO: This specialized approach focuses on recruiting for specific functions or roles within the organization. It's ideal for clients looking to enhance teams in critical business areas that can surge in demand. By concentrating on specific functional areas, GQR leverages deep market insights and specialized recruitment practices to deliver high-quality talent.

Full RPO: Our comprehensive RPO solution manages the entire recruitment lifecycle from job profiling through to onboarding. This model is suited for organizations seeking to outsource their entire recruitment function to enhance efficiency, reduce hiring time, and ensure consistency in the recruitment process. It is customizable and can be integrated seamlessly with the client's HR and Talent team to maintain a unified recruitment strategy.

At GQR, our commitment to programmatic rigor is at the heart of delivering an exceptional client experience. We prioritize seamless transparency and efficiency throughout the recruitment process, ensuring that our partnerships are marked by clear communication, streamlined operations, and effective outcomes. By integrating our deep industry expertise with a keen focus on the internal talent experience, we create a recruitment journey that is as smooth as it is successful.

​Central to our RPO strategy is a rigorous focus on cost control and maximizing return on investment for our clients. By optimizing the recruitment process, we not only lower the cost per hire but also prioritize industry-leading retention and fill rates. This dual approach ensures that every talent investment delivers maximum value, aligning financial efficiency with high-quality outcomes.​

Behind the scenes of our RPO solutions lies the power of over 250 industry experts, each deeply specialized and passionate about their specific market sector. This unique assembly of talent ensures that our clients are supported not by generalists, but by professionals with a deep understanding of the nuances and demands unique to each industry we serve.

Our market expertise, coupled with a personalized concierge service, sets the foundation for a recruitment journey that is both engaging and respectful. We understand that the quality of each candidate's experience is pivotal, not only in attracting top talent but also in fostering a positive perception of our clients' brands.

The GQR Difference.

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    We prioritize both Client and Candidate experience by operating as an extension of your business. Through data-driven market insights and expert consulting, we enhance our partners' talent brand.

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    Utilizing market expertise and proprietary technology, we pinpoint talent that aligns with your technical needs and cultural values. Rigorous screening and assessments guarantee seamless matches, supported by our impressive fill and retention rates.

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    We merge speed and precision in talent acquisition by utilizing advanced technology and deep expertise. GQR swiftly networks with top passive and active talent, ensuring a diverse pool and rapid access to the best candidates.

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    We prioritize sustained value by balancing price sensitivity with broader ROI. Our approach evaluates not just hiring costs, but considers the long-term impact of quality hires, technology, and process improvements.

Discover what our clients say.

​You move when we move, you give us what we need, and you work with us giving feedback. We've always had a good relationship with GQR.


Recruitment Engagement Lead

​I continue to be impressed with GQR and their team. Having an understanding of our core business, as well as our values is important to me.


Senior Staffing Manager

​GQR is phenomenal. Personable, closes all communication loops, and takes the time to understand our market and area.

Greg, Chief Nursing Officer


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