Quantitative Trader/Portfolio Manager

Salary $150,000-250,000 annual base
Employment type Permanent

Job description

Our client is a proprietary firm specializing in quantitative research and scientific trading. They are highly active in providing liquidity on electronic exchanges globally, fostering a culture of open collaboration and innovation. Currently, their team comprises approximately 130 individuals spread across Chicago, New York, and Amsterdam.

In their field, experimentation is crucial, and the majority of ideas may not succeed. Therefore, they prioritize continuous improvement of their automated research platform and cutting-edge technology. This approach allows them to iterate rapidly, learn from failures, and maximize the contributions of each team member.

Their leadership team includes individuals with significant experience in electronic trading, notably in growing P&Ls and shaping industry trends. They recognized a need for a research-focused approach combined with an open organizational structure.

If you thrive on immediate feedback for your ideas and enjoy working with cutting-edge technology, the trading industry offers unparalleled opportunities. Our client competes daily with some of the brightest minds globally, and maintaining their edge in research, technology, and economics is paramount to their success.

While the era of high-frequency trading may have plateaued, they continue to find opportunities using statistical research to stay ahead of the competition.

Role overview

As a Quantitative Trader/Portfolio Manager, your primary responsibility is to research, identify, and implement trading opportunities. Strong quantitative skills and proficiency in coding are advantageous, as they accelerate innovation and collaboration within the team.

You will have access to their proprietary research platform and opportunities to contribute meaningfully from the outset. While a background in finance is beneficial, it is not a requirement. Their team comprises individuals from diverse academic backgrounds, including professors, postdocs, and PhDs, recruited from prestigious institutions worldwide.


Our client seeks candidates with:

- A drive for continual improvement and achievement.
- Strong problem-solving skills and a data-driven mindset.
- Collaborative spirit and a focus on team success.
- Adaptability and self-awareness in dynamic environments.
- A practical orientation towards generating value.
- Proficiency in data analysis and statistical methods.
- Familiarity with modern AI techniques.
- Curiosity and persistence in exploring financial data.
- Experience in research framework setup and project execution.
- Understanding of financial markets and products.
- Proficiency in low-level programming languages.