Med/Surg - Oncology/Palliative Care | Neuro/Ortho/Post Surgical

Salary $27 - $42
Employment type Permanent
Start date 06-11-2024
Healthcare | RN - Med Surg
Shift type

Job description

  • Title: Med/Surg – Oncology/Palliative Care or Neuro/Ortho/Post Surgical
  • Experience
    • Must haves (years, units, trauma levels): 1 year of RN experience ideally in an acute setting
    • Nice to haves: Med/Surg exp
    • Cross training available? If so what other units experience accepted? Yes for those with some acute experience or relevant transferable skills
  • Certifications required: BLS
  • Education requirements (ADN, BSN): ADN or BSN
  • Days, nights, mids? Mix of Days and Nights
  • Schedule: 3x12s 7-7
  • Compensation info:
    • Pay ranges:
      • 1 year $27.30/hr
      • 10 years $37/hr
      • 15 years $42+  
    • Differentials for weekends, nights, etc.: $4.50 nights, $2.50 weekends (Possible education diff for BSN)
    • Relocation package, how it’s paid out: TBA
    • Sign-On bonus (amount, what’s needed to qualify, how paid out) : TBC
  • Details on unit
    • Unit size, # of beds, etc. - 36
    • Why is this position open? Backfilling travelers
    • Patient ratio: 1:5
    • Types of patient profiles or cases:
      • Oncology/Palliative Care – End of life care for cancer patients to make them feel like they have a better quality of life. The goal is to prevent or treat, as early as possible, the symptoms and side effects of the disease and its treatment, in addition to any related psychological, social, and spiritual problems.
      • Neuro/Ortho/Post Surgical – Post surgical care for patients with head and bone injuries post-surgery. This can range from accidents on the road, to traumas to the head and body.