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  • How many years of experience do I need to become a travel nursing or allied clinician with GQR?

    • To be eligible for nursing and allied assignments, healthcare professionals must have graduated from an accredited healthcare program, hold a valid license or certification, and provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States. Most specialties require a minimum of two years of experience.

    • NOTE: If you have taken some time off from working in your specialty, you may need to get more recent experience to be attractive to many facilities.

  • What is the typical length of a travel assignment?

    • Contract lengths are usually 13 weeks. There are sometimes shorter options, as few as 4 weeks.

    • Should you want to stay in an assignment longer, you may seek an extension, sign another contract, or just take a few weeks of vacation after your contract is complete.

  • What happens once my assignment ends?

    • The decision is completely yours. While we're eager to assist you in finding another assignment, you have the freedom to choose your path. Should you wish to pursue a career as a traveler, staying in touch with your recruiter will ensure you have the best options for your next assignment once your contract ends.

  • How do I check for compliance?

    • Once you have secured your assignment; your credentialing specialist will reach out to you and assist you through the below nursing compliance requirements:

    • Vaccination and Physical Exams: You’ll need to complete an annual Physical Exam confirming you are cleared to work without any restrictions and provide proof of a current TB test as well as any specific immunizations required by the facility before you start an assignment.  Your credentialing specialist can set up the necessary physical, TB testing, and Fit testing and assist you with getting the immunizations and titers required by the facility.

    • Drug Screens and Background Checks: A drug screen and a background check will be needed before the start of your assignment.  Your drug screen is typically needed within 30 days of your start date and annually if you stay with the same facility. Your credentialing specialist will schedule your drug screen and will run all the necessary background checks for your assignment.

    • Certifications: Depending on your specialty you might need additional certifications, your assigned credentialing specialist will help you figure out what certifications are needed and assist you in finding the necessary classes in your area. Some additional certifications needed might include:

    • NIH Stroke CertificationLA Fire CardBLC-ACLS-PALSNRP

    • Facility-Specific Forms: Each facility is different, and some may have their own specific forms to complete prior to your start. Your assigned credentialing specialist will review and send you any additional forms that are needed/required.

    • Licensing: Process varies depending on state.

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  • Concierge Team

      • The GQR Concierge Team acts as an additional support resource for our travelers, beyond your recruiter. Get help with paystubs, time entry inquiries/issues, expense inquiries, and more. You can contact the team via phone, email, or Service Desk Portal.

      • The Concierge Team can be reached by calling 940-477-9943 and Toll Free at 1-866-477-1773.

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Get in touch with our Concierge Team by calling 940-477-9943 or Toll Free at 1-866-477-1773.

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