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SIA Ranks GQR #7 Fastest Growing U.S. Staffing Firm

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SIA Ranks GQR #7 Fastest Growing U.S. Staffing Firm

​NEW YORK, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GQR Global Markets announced today that it has been named #7 on Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) 2022 List of Fastest-Growing Staffing Firms for the 5th year in a row. Even more exceptional is the fact that GQR is the only firm to rank in the top ten for four of the last five years and within the top sixteen every year for the last five years.

Matt Kent, Chief Revenue Officer, describes how GQR’s strategic plan centers around the future forward themes of specialization, innovation, and collaboration. GQR specializes in supporting the healthcare, life sciences, technology, and financial services sectors. “We’re committed to our core expertise in further supporting our existing audiences and enhancing our competitive advantage,” Kent says.

Steven Talbot, company CEO, credits GQR’s people, their shared values, and the special culture that they have created as the primary forces driving the company’s continued success and substantial growth.

Navigating challenging times isn’t unchartered territory for GQR as the firm was founded in 2009 amid the global economic crisis. In discussing the global pandemic, Talbot reflects on the formative experience of the first years in shaping the company’s value-first ethos. “I think it’s one of those fortuitous experiences that no young organization wishes for at the time, but should in retrospect,” Talbot says.

“Learning how to create the kind of value that captures market share in the worst of times can result in a platform that survives and thrives through all times.”

– Steven

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To qualify for the 2022 Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms list, companies must have posted a minimum of $1 million in US revenue in 2017 and have had a compound annual growth rate of at least 15% from 2017-2021. GQR Global Markets significantly outperformed with a CAGR of 118.1%. See here for the full list.