Scientist, Cell and Molecular Biology

Salary 110000
Employment type Permanent

Job description

POSITION: Research Scientist – Cell and Molecular Biology  Would you like to discover next-generation medicines? At Rgenta Therapeutics, we unlock the therapeutic potential of disease biology that is undruggable by traditional approaches. We have built proprietary RNA-targeting platforms that leverage our deep knowledge in data-driven genomics, computational biology, high-throughput screening, and medicinal chemistry. Rgenta is an innovative venture-backed biotechnology company located in the Greater Boston area. We are growing our biology team as we expand our efforts to develop new medicines. Rgenta is looking for individuals with scientific curiosity, a drive for innovation, and a passion for drug discovery. Our Target Biology group seeks a motivated cell and molecular biologist to help the team launch new therapeutic discovery programs. This role will require leadership in both experimental design and execution to generate decision-enabling datasets. The successful candidate will collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and be a key contributor to the drug discovery process. In addition to demonstrating the relevance of cellular factors to disease pathobiology, the position will involve creative assay development to enable the identification and characterization of pharmacological agents that modulate pre-mRNA processing. ROLE RESPONSIBILITIES: ? Design, build, and test synthetic DNA constructs to model aspects of RNA processing biology in vitro ? Utilize a combination of cell, molecular, and biochemical techniques to identify pharmacological strategies to alter RNA biology ? Conceptualize, develop, and optimize cell-based assays for in vitro pharmacology in high-throughput formats ? Collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team to validate therapeutic targets by utilizing cellular models of disease  ? Diligent maintenance of an electronic lab notebook in addition to presentation of research plans and datasets to company peers, senior management, board of directors, and scientific advisory board BASIC QUALIFICATIONS: ? MS or PhD degree in biology or pharmacology-related discipline, or equivalent industrial experience ? Minimum 1-2 years of relevant research experience in the academic or pharmaceutical industry ? Broad experience with molecular and cell biology experimental techniques (e.g. RT qPCR, protein quantification, molecular cloning, siRNA, shRNA, viral transduction, and CRISPR-based genome editing) ? A strong complement of mammalian cell culture skills and abilities in cell line generation ? Excellent communication and prior success in a collaborative, team-based research environment ? Demonstrated learning agility and success moving into and mastering new or unfamiliar areas of science DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: ? Past research involving RNA biology, pre-mRNA processing, and/or RNA splicing ? Hands-on experience generating cell lines with genome editing ? Involvement in developing and validating cell-based or biochemical assays to support drug discovery ? Familiarity with the process of adapting experimental workflows to laboratory automation