Matthew Kent

President & Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Kent, President and COO at GQR, leverages over two decades of international staffing experience in the US, UK, and APAC regions to lead a global workforce solutions firm. At GQR, he spearheads efforts to meet diverse client needs in sectors like Healthcare, Pharma, Biotech, Technology, and Banking & Finance. His strategic and hands-on approach drives team alignment and innovation in delivering Total Talent Solutions, ensuring top-notch value for clients, candidates, and the community.

His leadership roles involve:

  • Strategic Workforce Solutions: Developing customized, expert-driven solutions to revolutionize client workforces and meet evolving talent demands.

  • Competitive Advantage: Crafting comprehensive talent strategies that enhance scalability, efficiency, and market competitiveness.

  • Strategic Leadership: Working with senior executives to refine GQR’s strategic direction and align with its mission.

  • Operational Oversight: Managing daily operations to optimize solutions that meet specific client and candidate needs, promoting a culture of collaboration and excellence.

  • Market Differentiation: Establishing GQR as a leader through distinct advantages in experience, value, velocity, and quality.

  • Professional Journey: Empowering candidates with expert guidance and opportunities tailored to their career goals.

  • Talent Transformation: Offering a suite of talent solutions that enable effective career navigation.

Outside of his professional life, Matthew is a devoted father of three with a deep appreciation for the royal family and his faith. His unique blend of personal interests and professional expertise positions him as a dynamic leader at GQR, continually shaping the future of recruitment and staffing solutions. Through comprehensive strategies, he ensures GQR remains a preferred partner in talent transformation.