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Uniting Forces: The Strategic Value of GQR's Acquisition of Uniti Med

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Uniting Forces: The Strategic Value of GQR's Acquisition of Uniti Med

We are thrilled to share some big news – GQR has acquired Uniti Med, a leading healthcare recruitment firm! This exciting move unites two powerhouse brands, enhancing our strengths and expanding our capabilities to serve you better, whether you’re a client, candidate, or contractor.

Expanding Our Scale and Reach

With Uniti Med joining our team, we’re significantly expanding the scale of our operations. By merging our networks, we can tap into a broader talent pool, providing you with access to more top-tier healthcare professionals across various fields. This means faster, more precise recruitment solutions for our clients and greater job opportunities for our candidates. Our expanded reach ensures we can meet the evolving needs of the healthcare sector with unmatched efficiency.

Greater Insights from a Broader Network

Bringing together GQR and Uniti Med means we now have even more extensive industry insights from a larger network of candidates and clients. This enriched perspective allows us to deliver more effective recruitment solutions tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities in healthcare. For our clients, this means staying ahead of industry trends and innovations, ensuring we provide the best strategies for your organization. For our candidates, this translates to better career guidance and opportunities. 

Enhanced Benefits and Perks for Contractors

One of the most exciting aspects of this acquisition is the upgraded benefits and perks for our contractors. By combining the strengths of GQR and Uniti Med, we can provide more extensive support, including enhanced resources and opportunities for professional development. The best part? Beginning on day one of your assignment, all contractors will now be eligible for benefits, including health insurance, pet insurance, and 401(k) retirement savings. 

A Message from Our CEO

Steven Talbot, CEO of GQR, shares his enthusiasm behind this strategic move:

"The acquisition of Uniti Med is a testament to our commitment to excellence and growth. By uniting our brands, we are expanding our capabilities and enhancing the value we deliver to our clients, candidates, and contractors. This integration allows us to offer a broader range of services, deeper industry insights, and a stronger network of talent. Our mission is to drive innovation and provide exceptional total talent management solutions, and this acquisition is a significant step towards achieving that goal."

Looking Ahead

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we remain dedicated to maintaining the high standards of service and support that our clients, candidates, and contractors have come to expect from GQR. The integration of Uniti Med positions us for continued success, and we are eager to explore the new opportunities and growth this acquisition brings.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and excel in healthcare recruitment!

About Uniti Med

Uniti Med, based in Omaha, NE, specializes in staffing Nursing, Long Term Care, and Allied positions nationwide. They recently won SIA’s 2024 Best Staffing Firms to Work For, Best Firms to Temp For, and Baird Holm’s Best Places to Work in Omaha. They are also Great Places to Work Certified and ranked #2 on’s 2023 Best Travel Nursing Companies list.