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Permanent Staffing Solutions for a Major Hospital System

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Permanent Staffing Solutions for a Major Hospital System

A large hospital system in the southwest needed help hiring permanent nursing staff. The hospital had recently undergone a massive expansion with its trauma center and had been tasked with filling 200 essential positions and was behind schedule.

This was becoming an even bigger issue as the facility's reputation had taken a hit, hindering staff retention and the attraction of permanent talent. The heavy reliance on travel nurses, while addressing short-term needs, led to unsustainable financial outlays, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic's economic impact.

Aside from filling these critical positions, the hospital wanted to invest in hiring more permanent staff across the board to help reduce the reliance on travelers and build a better, more sustainable workforce. The hospital has a large internal recruiting team to support this effort and saw the value in partnering with GQE as an additional resource to help hire quality talent at scale.


Offered Consultative Resource Team

GQR invested the time to deeply understand the client's needs across all facilities and how to position them best in a very competitive market. GQR was also able to assess gaps on the facility side due to high turnover, as a result of reputation and cultural struggles, and implement strategies to enhance the hospital's brand awareness and employer reputation.

Extension of the Client's Internal Team

GQR built a dedicated resource team and account manager who was solely focused on the hospital's goals. This built organic trust and allowed for both the client and GQR to approach the issues cohesively and work towards a solution together as a team.

Quantity and Quality

GQR's commitment to delivering candidates that are fully vetted, aligned with the hospital's values, and ready to integrate into their teams. Due to the success, the facility referred GQR out to 7 other facilities, allowing expansion across the system and successful infiltration into the hospital's staffing process.


GQR's strategy was multifaceted: Revitalize the facility's reputation and implement a staffing model emphasizing permanent hires over temporary staffing. This approach was designed to curtail costs and cultivate a dedicated workforce aligned with the facility's long-term objectives. GQR successfully did this and has an impression conversion rate of over 70%, with 100+ placements in the last 12 months.


  • 100 Placements over 12 months

  • 70% Conversion Rate

  • $4.2M Saved

Sustainable Solutions

GQR's role in helping the hospital evolve to achieve staffing and budgetary goals, with a vision of self-sustainability. GQR's commitment to continuous support and adaptation to the hospital's evolving needs without creating permanent dependency.

Money Saved

GQR delivered permanent RNs where contract RNs were working, eliminating over 35 travel RNs and saving approximately $4,200,000.


The client was extremely happy with their decision to partner with GQR. GQR prioritized immersing themselves in the facility's culture and objectives to foster a bond based on trust and a unified vision. GQR's branding and market strategy elevated the facility's profile, ensuring that delivered candidates were not only vetted for their skills but were also synonymous with the facility's ethos.

The partnership's efficacy was reflected in the impressive conversion rate and successful referral track record, signaling a substantial enhancement in the quality and stability of the staffing structure. GQR's consultative approach empowered the facility to navigate market dynamics, aligning staffing practices with their evolving strategic and fiscal goals.

​What Our Clients Say

"The volume of qualified candidates has been excellent and exceeds other avenues we are pursuing." - Lena D., Director of Recruitment

"I find Jordan and Thao extremely quick and responsive. We had times where we needed to transition from one focus to another and they did that seamlessly." Tracey M., Lead Recruiter

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