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Streamlining Contingent Labor Management in Healthcare: A Case Study

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Streamlining Contingent Labor Management in Healthcare: A Case Study

Within the constantly evolving healthcare landscape, achieving operational efficiency is essential for delivering exceptional patient care. This case study investigates the difficulties encountered by a leading healthcare network in Arizona and outlines their journey to overcoming these obstacles to optimize their management of contingent labor.


The healthcare network, with an annual volume of $70M, grappled with operational inefficiencies stemming from the management of contingent labor across 40+ locations. Their manual, disjointed system for handling interns, volunteers, and both clinical and non-clinical staff not only led to compliance issues but also lacked integration with their existing Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) system.


To address these challenges, the healthcare network set out the following objectives:

  1. Centralize Vendor Management.

  2. Ensure Worker and Vendor Compliance.

  3. Enhance visibility and reporting across all contingent labor.


The healthcare network began leveraging Workday VNDLY. Key solutions included:

  1. Centralizing the entry process for all vendors.

  2. Standardizing onboarding and compliance procedures.

  3. Integrating fully with Workday HCM and SailPoint.


  • Cost Savings: By eliminating reverse invoicing and reconciliation, the healthcare network estimated savings of $300k.

  • Compliance: Standardized onboarding processes and compliance across vendors and locations ensured adherence to regulatory requirements.

  • Efficiency: The vendor engagement and onboarding processes were expedited, improving operational efficiency.

  • Integration: Seamless integration with Workday and SailPoint provided comprehensive oversight and streamlined data management.

  • Improved Management: Enhanced management of all contingent workers led to better staffing flexibility and resource allocation.

  • Superior Care: Quicker fulfillment of staffing needs and stronger compliance translated into improved patient care outcomes.


By implementing an integrated solution leveraging Workday VNDLY, the healthcare network successfully overcame its operational inefficiencies in contingent labor management. This streamlined approach not only resulted in significant cost savings and improved compliance but also enhanced the overall quality of patient care delivered across its network of facilities.

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