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Transforming HCM challenges into opportunities with GQR

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Transforming HCM challenges into opportunities with GQR

Throughout this case study, we explore how a client faced challenges with a poorly implemented Workday HCM system by another provider and lacked the internal resources for stabilization. They aimed to stabilize and improve their Workday system across HCM, Security, Integrations, Recruiting, Reporting, and Change Management. Their goals also included developing a fixed roadmap and hiring leadership to drive the change.


Permanent Hires:
  • HRIS Leader to create a roadmap across Workday, HR, and Total Rewards.

  • Workday Trainer

  • Workday HRIS Manager to lead the HCM and Recruiting Workstreams

  • HR Operations Manager to focus more on operational excellence, data integrity, and internal processes

Team of contractors to provide the enhancement and advisory support necessary to stabilize Workday but also increase their ROI of their investment:
  • HCM Lead

  • Security Lead

  • Integration Lead

  • Recruiting Lead

  • Project Manager

  • Absence Lead

  • Talent & Performance Lead


  • Improved internal solution without incurring premium costs

  • Deeper understanding of Workday's internal capabilities

  • Client has the resources needed for both immediate and sustained success.

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