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Transforming Clinical Support at a Local Hospital Network with GQR's VMS Solution

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Transforming Clinical Support at a Local Hospital Network with GQR's VMS Solution

​A prominent local hospital network faced a pressing challenge: the need for a rapid increase in contract clinical support to meet growing patient care demands. However, the existing process was hindered by several critical issues, including a lack of infrastructure for controlling invoicing, limited visibility into spending, sporadic delivery, and low retention rates from their current suppliers.


The hospital network's primary obstacles were threefold:

  • Inefficient Invoicing and Compliance Controls: The absence of a structured system for managing invoices led to increased administrative burdens and potential compliance risks.

  • Limited Visibility into Spend: Without clear insights into their spending, the network struggled to make informed decisions and optimize their budget effectively.

  • Sporadic Delivery and Low Retention: The inconsistency in delivery and low retention rates from existing suppliers compromised the quality of patient care and operational efficiency.


GQR recognized the hospital network's immediate need for a robust and scalable solution. We introduced our Vendor Management System (VMS) solution, VNDLY by Workday, tailored to address the network's specific challenges.

  • Streamlined Invoicing and Improved Compliance: VNDLY's innovative platform automated and simplified the invoicing process, enhancing compliance controls and reducing risk.

  • Enhanced Spend Visibility: The system provided the hospital network with real-time data and analytics, enabling better visibility into their spending and facilitating strategic financial planning.

  • Delivery and Retention Optimization: GQR's strategic deployment of VNDLY, coupled with our expertise in healthcare staffing, enabled us to fill 80% of the open requisitions rapidly. We also maintained relationships with key vendors to ensure coverage in other critical areas.


The implementation of GQR's VMS solution transformed the hospital network's approach to contract clinical support:

  • Increased Contract Completion Rates: There was a 15% increase in candidate contract completion, indicating improved retention and satisfaction among clinical staff.

  • Significant Cost Savings: The hospital network achieved substantial cost savings in overall salary expenditure and internal time and resources, redirecting these savings towards enhancing patient care services.

  • Sustainable System for Future Demands: The newly established system and processes are not only sustainable but also scalable, ready to accommodate any future surges in talent demand effectively.


By partnering with GQR and implementing the VNDLY by Workday VMS solution, the local hospital network not only overcame its immediate challenges but also established a robust framework for future growth and efficiency. This case study exemplifies how strategic technological solutions can revolutionize healthcare staffing, leading to improved operational outcomes and enhanced care delivery.

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