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GQR Staffing Solution for a Major Hospital System

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GQR Staffing Solution for a Major Hospital System

A top-tier health system in the state of California was facing challenges filling their travel needs. They were engaged with a large MSP service, however, there were many areas and facilities where their nurse staffing needs were not being met.

They were experiencing low fill rates and high drop-out rates, which created many gaps across multiple facilities. This was hurting existing staff with overtime and burnout, and causing a decline in the level of patient care.

They decided to sign on GQR as a supplemental agency to their MSP to ensure they had full coverage and could deliver on their commitment to quality care and operational excellence.


Dedicated Resource Team

GQR built a dedicated resource team and account manager available to the client 24/7. Their account manager responded to emails within an hour and was always reachable by phone. GQR provided 24-48 hour delivery time on candidate submittals, which was very pleasing to the client who was used to waiting weeks for a pipeline. GQR also built an ongoing pipeline of candidates for areas the client often needed staff for, so we could quickly access talent as openings came up.

Extension of the Client's Internal Team

GQR invested the time to deeply understand the client's needs across all facilities and how to position them best in a very competitive market. We were able to deliver quality at scale because we really knew how to sell the client well and what kinds of talent would thrive in their organization.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Because GQR offers a more boutique staffing service with dedicated resources, we were able to pivot quickly with the rapidly evolving needs of the client. We were also able to expand quickly when the client needed our support across a wider range of facilities. At one point, the client shifted need from critical care nurses to needs in maternity and surgery before another pivot into allied talent. As their client needs changed, we would quickly regroup and realign to ensure we were keeping up.



GQR successfully staffed 125 nurses within a tight three-week period in response to urgent needs across the ICU, Med/Surg, Critical Care, Maternity, and Surgery Care departments. The gaps were filled for the client and they were very happy with the additional of our resources. GQR overall placed 1000 nurses across 13 facilities to ensure all gaps were filled.


These nurses were also of exceptional quality. We reduced the dropout rate by 50% and maintained excellent retention rates at 85%.

Money Saved

GQR delivered competitive pricing enhancing the hospital's financial efficiency. On average GQR has been able to save the client close to $6M in savings annually on staffing costs.

Time Saved

GQR overcame staffing challenges with an efficient vetting and placement process which cut the turnaround time to fill an opening in half (3-4 weeks max compared to 8+ weeks).


  • 125 RN Placements
  • 85% Retention Rate
  • $6M in Annual Savings


The client was extremely happy with their decision to partner with GQR. Leveraging our services, they were able to fill their gaps with exceptional talent, hire more quickly, and save money. With GQR as their partner, they were able to meet their staffing needs and maintain their commitment to exceptional care and service to their existing staff and patients.

What Our Clients Say

"Lily is phenomenal. She is really personable, closes all communication loops, and takes the time to understand our market and area." - Greg R., Chief Nurse

"Really helpful, responsive, and willing to work together to resolve issues and questions. Able to help resolve issues quickly when they arise (especially in billing)." - Lisa T., CFO

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