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GQR Earns Workday Partner Certification

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GQR Earns Workday Partner Certification

GQR is proud to announce its selection as an official Workday Staffing Partner, an exciting next step in the evolution of GQR’s Workday practice and its capabilities to support and elevate the Workday ecosystem across the globe.

For over ten years, GQR has supported Workday customers and partners, from global enterprises to smaller fast-growing organizations, all looking to leverage the power of Workday to accelerate their business. With a focus on customer success, transparency, and collaborative, strategic partnerships, GQR has worked hard to become the staffing firm of choice in the ecosystem, and this partnership allows GQR to support organizations on the Workday journey in new and exciting ways.

With this new partner status and the capabilities it allows, GQR will focus on three main areas supporting the ecosystem. BAU Support, Expansion and Upskilling.


With the largest team in the US already focused on traditional staffing in the ecosystem and with a global footprint, GQR will continue to support the existing customer base and is well-positioned to support prospects and customers at all phases of their Workday journey. With the partner status, GQR adds several new capabilities around this support model and working in coordination with offices in London & Sydney, can provide comprehensive global coverage to customers and partners alike.


Workday CEO Carl Eschenbach asks of Workday’s partners“ Can you help us drive net new licenses and net-new offerings into our existing customer base, and help us find new customers?” GQR’s answer is an emphatic yes. In addition to its Workday practice, GQR has divisions specialized in clinical healthcare, life sciences, technology, and financial services staffing, where many of GQR’s clients are not yet in the Workday ecosystem.

Matt Kent, GQR’s President expands: “With our existing industry verticals aligned incredibly well with Workday’s customer base and prospects, GQR is in a unique position to be able to make strategic introductions to our clients, adding value not only to them but to Workday and our Partner relationships as well.”

Mirroring Carl Eschenbach’s belief that Partners are “part of our sales force, not an extension of our sales force”, GQR is well-positioned to bring net new customers from their other practice areas into the ecosystem, working to help Workday achieve its ambitious growth goals. To help address the talent gap in the ecosystem, GQR has new tools to ease entrance into the Workday ecosystem for people in other SaaS products, such as Oracle or Peoplesoft to ease prospects’ transition to Workday.


In addition to a strategic focus on identifying net-new customers from their other industry verticals and enabling easier pathways for new Talent into the ecosystem, GQR can provide organizations with new ways to upskill their existing staff more easily in new areas of Workday. This same service will allow businesses just starting their Workday journey to quickly have employees trained in any area of Workday.

With a clear focus on our three strategic pillars—Support, Expansion, and Upskilling—GQR is poised to be a key partner to Workday and the entire ecosystem for years to come. As Workday aptly puts it, “Now the real journey begins!”

With a laser focus on these three strategic pillars of support offerings: to Expand the ecosystem, Upskill professionals already in the Workday space, and Support the existing customer base across the product suite and project lifecycle to maximize their investment in Workday, GQR looks to be a key partner of Workday and the entire ecosystem for years to come. As Workday says, “Now the real journey begins!”

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