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Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing: GQR Healthcare Unlocks Efficiency Through Innovative AI Integration

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Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing: GQR Healthcare Unlocks Efficiency Through Innovative AI Integration

​At GQR Healthcare, our commitment to excellence and innovation constantly propels us forward. We understand the challenges that healthcare staffing presents, and we’re determined to overcome them with ground breaking solutions.

Our partnership with Staffing Engine marks a pivotal moment in reshaping the industry landscape. By infusing cutting-edge AI processes into our operations, we’re rewriting the rulebook on manual lead distribution – a challenge that has persisted for far too long.

Heather Jennings, our Global Head of Revenue Technology, recognized the need for change. With nearly two decades of experience in healthcare staffing, she knew that improving lead distribution would be a game-changer.

“Connecting the right leads with the right people internally, in real-time, is a crucial element in driving down acquisition costs,” Jennings shared. “Our collaboration with Staffing Engine, renowned for its industry-leading AI and technical expertise, has yielded a solution that’s set to redefine how we operate.”

Matt Dichter and Jay Cutler from Staffing Engine were the perfect allies in this transformative journey. The moment Heather engaged with them, it was evident that a synergy of minds was at play.

Streamlining the Process for Unprecedented Success

Prior to joining forces with Staffing Engine, GQR Healthcare contended with manual lead distribution that led to delays and missed opportunities. Leads from various channels – mobile apps, websites, job boards, and more – reached us through laborious manual distribution. The result was inefficiency, emails getting lost, and precious time wasted.

“Emails were lost constantly,” Jennings recalled. The deluge of messages, spam filters, and secondary inboxes were obstacles that hindered our recruiters. Despite their diligence, the efficiency gap persisted.

Moreover, manual distribution couldn’t consider factors like response time or out-of-office status, causing leads to be routed indiscriminately. After experimenting with various solutions, we realized there was a need for a breakthrough.

A Synergy of Innovation and Technology

Our partnership with Staffing Engine catalyzed the transformation. By integrating AI across our lead channels, we created a seamless process for lead distribution.

Here’s a snapshot of our AI-driven lead distribution process:

  • Staffing Engine’s AI identifies and categorizes inbound leads.

  • AI augments lead data and formats it for easy comprehension.

  • Smart distribution based on GQR’s routing rules ensures precision.

  • Real-time notifications are sent via MS Teams for immediate action.

This transformation led to remarkable outcomes:

  • 4x increase in successful placements.

  • Average response time reduced by 66%.

  • Enhanced teamwork, culture, and unity among our recruiters.

Alexis Kennedy, Head of Account Management, emphasized the added value this brings to health systems. “Our clients review 50% fewer submissions while making equivalent volume hires, as the new process lets us send the most qualified candidates 66% faster.”

Shaping the Future Together

GQR Healthcare’s culture of innovation is shaping the industry’s evolution. Our collaboration with Staffing Engine has set new benchmarks for efficiency and client satisfaction. As Heather Jennings underscores, “We’re raising the bar on industry standards within the entire healthcare ecosystem.”

At GQR Healthcare, we’re not just resolving challenges – we’re pioneering solutions that uplift our industry. Join us in celebrating this remarkable stride forward.

Healthcare Staffing Solutions
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